To Never Forget.

It's been quite a long time since I've written a blogpost. I am not sure why I quit. Maybe because I gave myself some silly excuse about not having enough time. 

For the last month or so, I’ve taken a break for myself - physically and mentally. I felt broken and completely uninspired. And a little lost, if I am being honest. Does that still happen to you? After years of doing what you’ve being doing, do you sometimes forget why you started? I did. Money messes everything up. Distracts you from your vision. Since 2014, after a horrendous accident, I’ve had 2 big plates and 15 screws holding my leg together. I finally had the surgery to remove the “implants” - that’s what the doctors call it - as per my doctor’s suggestions. So, I am titanium free, at last. But I digress. 

I thought this month would be about physical and mental recovery. To be honest, that mental recovery business has been a STRUGGLE. I just kept feeling worse, day by day. I am not sure what changed, but I kept trying to think about why i started, all those years ago? 

These are my aunt’s sons. Today, they are 6 and 11. They will never be this age again. They will never act the way they do right now. I am not sure whether they will play like this with each other. I hope they do but everyone grows up. I want them to never ever forget what it was to be like this. What their relationship meant at this age. What they meant to each other. May be that’s why I started all those years ago. To never forget. 

These are some of my favorite images from a 5 minute fighting session. My favorite part of the whole thing is the fact that it ended with Sam saying, “Bittu Tai (that’s what they call me; it means sister), Stop it! This is so embarrassing!”