Weekend House - Pratap Jadhav & Associates

It’s always so much more special when you get to document a designer’s own space.

One of my favorite things about this space is how much attention and love Leena Ma’am, Pratap Sir’s wife, has put into the plant life. All plants are perfectly chosen and perfectly placed.

Even the furniture in the space has been in their family for generations.

As soon as you enter this home, it feels exactly that. a home.

Goa Salon

Sometimes when I start working with a new creative, in this case an interior designer, I am never sure whether our visions will match. So, the first project is always a big test. Well, I get those pre-finals butterflies before every shoot, but before the first project with a new creative feeling is a proper kick in the gut. 

And I always count my blessings when the universe connects me with like-minded people. I loved shooting this space and I was just shaking with excitement when the sun came up. That feeling is just magic. To have Raman, of Pixel Chronicles, shooting along side me was a blessing. 

To top it off, when your clients see your work and the following is the response I get, what more could I ask for?

 Hi Parthavi. Just loved the pics. Brilliant. You have done justice to whatever we conceptualized. Thank you so much.


This residence was not at all what I expected before walking into this shoot. Even though it was something completely different that anything i'd shot for Pratap Sir, I found his vision everywhere in this place. It just speaks volumes about how diverse his work and talent is. Here are some of my favorite shots from this project.