She’s my all-time-favorite muse. And has the looks and attitude of a Bollywood Queen. The last two are my favorite, of all time.

My mom is the most selfless and patient person I’ve ever come across in my life and, for me, the moment between my mom and my grandmother says it all.

To Never Forget.

It's been quite a long time since I've written a blogpost. I am not sure why I quit. Maybe because I gave myself some silly excuse about not having enough time. 

For the last month or so, I’ve taken a break for myself - physically and mentally. I felt broken and completely uninspired. And a little lost, if I am being honest. Does that still happen to you? After years of doing what you’ve being doing, do you sometimes forget why you started? I did. Money messes everything up. Distracts you from your vision. Since 2014, after a horrendous accident, I’ve had 2 big plates and 15 screws holding my leg together. I finally had the surgery to remove the “implants” - that’s what the doctors call it - as per my doctor’s suggestions. So, I am titanium free, at last. But I digress. 

I thought this month would be about physical and mental recovery. To be honest, that mental recovery business has been a STRUGGLE. I just kept feeling worse, day by day. I am not sure what changed, but I kept trying to think about why i started, all those years ago? 

These are my aunt’s sons. Today, they are 6 and 11. They will never be this age again. They will never act the way they do right now. I am not sure whether they will play like this with each other. I hope they do but everyone grows up. I want them to never ever forget what it was to be like this. What their relationship meant at this age. What they meant to each other. May be that’s why I started all those years ago. To never forget. 

These are some of my favorite images from a 5 minute fighting session. My favorite part of the whole thing is the fact that it ended with Sam saying, “Bittu Tai (that’s what they call me; it means sister), Stop it! This is so embarrassing!”


My grandmother owns a modest farm in Maharashtra and she's created a beautiful home there. The rest of tend to take advantage of this whenever we want peace. And I mean, this is heavenly peace. Hearing sounds of just Mother Nature. No one else, nothing else.

It is about fours away from where I currently live but, unfortunately, don't go there as often I should. My aunt and cousin visited us during Christmas and here are some images from that visit (feat. my cousin, Sanjana - she's my fav!). 


Anywhere near water is my favorite place on earth. I have confirmation that I am part mermaid. 

We swam, ate, laughed, cried, panicked, drank, talked for days. 

We had a wonderful stay at Kenilworth. Especially when there is a bar inside the pool. The property is beautiful and the food is amazing. Seriously, they have the best Fish Soup I've ever had.