She’s my all-time-favorite muse. And has the looks and attitude of a Bollywood Queen. The last two are my favorite, of all time.

My mom is the most selfless and patient person I’ve ever come across in my life and, for me, the moment between my mom and my grandmother says it all.

Portraits for Pratap Jadhav

Last time I shot portraits for Pratap sir was two years ago. So when he called saying he needs new portraits done and knowing how incredibly busy he always is, we met up for less than two hours and this is what we came up with! 

Such a quick and fun shoot. 

Anupa Bridal Portraits

We love it when brides give us time to try get some Bridal Portraits done before the ceremony!

For brides reading this, getting your bridal portraits done right after you are ready for your big day and just before the ceremonies begin is a good decision. The best way to do this is get ready at least one hour before the ceremonies start so you can give your photographer enough time to capture your portraits, and if possible, couple shots as well!